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* KATANA Multi Layered Zirconia:  (38-42% Translucent), Fluxural Strength 557-748 MPa), 4 Layer structure : 35% Enamel layer, 2X15% Transition layer, and 35%   Body (Dentin)layer, It is Pre-Shade Monolithic Zirconia and available in following Shades. Greatly increase shade repeatability, and improve turnaround time.
     - UTML:  A1    A2    A3    A3.5   A4    B1    B2    B3    B4    C1    C2    C3    C4     D2    D3    D4    
     - STML:    A1    A2    A3    A3.5    A4    B1    B2    B3    C1    C2    C3    D2    D3
   O. Preparation:    
    * Anterior Crown: 0.8 mm minimum reduce
    * Posterior Crown: 1.0 mm minimum reduce 
    * veneer: 0.4 mm minimum reduce
    * Inlay/onlay:  1.0 mm minimum reduce
   O. Cementation: Multi Layered Zirconia Bonding with PANAVIA  V5 and PANAVIA  SA  Cement Plus.
 * BruxZir 16 : (Fluxural Strength up to 10500 MPa), BruxZir 16 is a series of 16 pre-shaded zirconia blanks that match all of the VITA Classical shades.
* Hight Translucent Zirconia (Argen Z HT):  ( 45% Translucent, 1250 MPa), available in16 Shades plus Bleach. for full contour crown and bridge up to 16 units Bridge. A Zirconia Beautiful Enough for the Anterior & Strong Enough for a Full Roundhouse 
* Zirconia Crown Cementation: 3M ESPE RelyX Unicem 2, Zirconia restorations cannot be chemically etched.
* Glass Ceramic Crown Cementation:  Variolink Esthetic LC ( Ivoclar ViVadent); 3M ESPE RelyX Ultimate
* Metal and Zirconia Crown Cementation: 3M RelyX Luting Plus. 

* Shade Taking: We using VITA Linear guide 3D-Master, it is quick and easier to determination of precise tooth shades and uses the same scientific principle and 29 shades found in the popular VITA 3D-Master shade guide. In 2 simple steps the final shade is achieved,


Step 1:  Using Value guide, select value shade from lightness 0 to 5.

Step 2: make a detail choice within the determined degree of lightness from step 1 using the corresponding VITA Chroma/Hue guide.


* Avoid Zirconia Fractures: Human biting force ranging from 400 newtons on molars and reduce to 90 newtons on anterior. If a zirconia restoration with a flexural strength of 1100 MPa needs to withstand a force of 400 newtons then the minimum occlusal thickness needs to be 0.6mm, and the connection needs to be 3X3 = 27mm square. Please avoid of create the heat when adjust the zirconia by apply low contact pressure and spray coolant water to prevents micro-fractures where extensive heat created.

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